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Safe Hands is a complementary therapies clinic offering psychotherapy, counselling, hypnotherapy and psychotherapeutic reflexology. None of these services should be used as an alternative to seeking medical advice. Click on the links below to zoom to the particular service:

Psychotherapy and Counselling


Transactional Analysis (TA) can help you break damaging repetitive patterns of behaviour, and improve the way you communicate, supporting you to form better relationships. TA can help you resolve conflict, confusion and tension in your relationships - with family, friends, colleagues and partners.

I passionately believe that every person is valuable and has the capacity for positive change and personal growth.

Working together in an atmosphere of comfort, security, and respect, you will become more able to identify and examine various thoughts, behaviours, and emotions which might be hindering your ability to thrive.

You will understand exactly what we are doing because in the words of Eric Berne, the originator of TA, it must be “understandable to an 8 year-old child, a mid-west farmer, and an M.I.T. professor.”

I have over twenty years’ experience as a therapist, why not make an appointment with me so that we can meet, chat and explore how I might be able to help you BE your best YOU.

Psychotherapeutic Reflexology

I have spent some years researching the connection between reflexology and psychotherapy. I have been experimenting with this approach and found it to be remarkably successful especially when dealing with trauma or abuse for example.

The deep relaxation achieved during reflexology uncovers and calms deeply held physiological tensions and problematic memories. Psychotherapy is then better able to release these memories and associated feelings, allowing clients to experience healing and make positive changes in their lives.

If you would like to make changes to your life, your relationships or if you would like to be more yourself, why not contact me and experience this dynamic new treatment for yourself.



Hypnotherapy is a therapy using hypnosis. It can be used to uncover the cause of problems or alleviate symptoms. These can then be corrected leading to a positive outcome.

Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation where your subconscious mind, the controller of your automatic processes and reactions, is brought into focus. Your subconscious always wants the very best for you so communicating with it is the best way to overcome any negatives in your thinking processes and come to a positive resolution.

In itself, the hypnotic state is very pleasant. It is very similar to the mental states achieved during meditation and yoga. It is Joe, the therapist and you, the client working together within this state that makes it therapy.

Joe uses hypnotherapy in a caring professional and sympathetic way to help YOU SUCCEED.

CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) Within Hypnosis

Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) is a type of behaviour therapy. CBT is a practical form of treatment that helps people develop problem solving techniques. The term cognitive behaviour therapy simply reflects how the approach works:

The two parts are linked, because the way people think and feel affects how they behave and vice versa. CBT is a talking therapy. Joe will help you identify problem areas and help you develop more positive ways of dealing with tricky issues, feelings or situations.

CBT is practical, hands on and needs commitment, because you have to be prepared to carry out the suggestions between sessions.

Joe Clerkin has specific training and extensive experience in the use of CBT within hypnosis.


Safe Hands Clinic is a complimentary therapies clinic offering hypnotherapy and reflexology services. The clinic is run by experienced practitioners, Joe and Linda Clerkin; both have a professional, sympathetic and caring approach to their therapies.

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Neither Reflexology nor Hypnotherapy should be used as an alternative to seeking medical advice.


Everyone is different and has different needs, but where there is a specific condition a course of treatments will be recommended. The duration and frequency of treatment depends very much on the individual, how quickly they respond and how long standing the condition is.

Your first session will take between one and a half and two hours as a detailed case history will be taken followed by a thorough assessment of your needs. Subsequent treatments will last between one and one and a half hours.

Appointments can be made from Monday to Friday in the daytime or evening. Our Bookings page will help you send us an appointment request easily.


If you would like to contact us, you can use the details below or the email form on the Contact page.


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