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Safe Hands Clinic is run by experienced practitioner, Linda Clerkin; Linda has a professional, sympathetic and caring approach to her therapies.



My name is Linda Clerkin. I am an experienced therapist with a wealth of life experience. The values I bring into the therapy room are based on my belief that everyone is fundamentally OK and I accept them wholeheartedly. If there are problems with behaviour there will be a good reason for that behaviour. At sixty plus years old I bring an abundance of life experience into the therapy room with me and an understanding of the passage of time. I have a long term partner of forty plus years. We have had our ups and downs like all couples and had therapy which helped us some years ago. We are now content and happy. This means that I am compassionate about the deep difficulties sometimes experienced in intimate relationships and the work needed to reach a place of satisfaction in the relationship. I am the mother of four adult children and four grandchildren with more grandchildren on the way. This means I have empathy with the difficulty of balancing multiple relationships in the family unit and the problems that brings. Some years ago I suffered a disabling illness that may have lasted for the rest of my life. Fortunately I am now fully recovered but have insight into the emotions of loss and fear that surround serious and chronic illnesses.

Professionally I started my career as a qualified orthopaedic and State Registered Nurse. I am therefore able to appreciate the physical health needs of my clients. After having my four children I spent some time working in Special Needs Education and gained my HNC in early childhood studies. This helps me understand the relationship between stages of child development and the impact of traumas and broken relationships in the early years of my clients. I can see how those impacts connect with their patterns of thinking and behaviour in the present day. After my illness, my partner and I opened up Safe Hands Clinic as a complementary therapies clinic. I was offering reflexology as my part of the business. My clients started to tell me that what I said to them during their therapy was more important than what I was doing to them physically. At this point, I realised I wanted to become fully qualified in a talking therapy and I started training in Transactional Analysis (TA) Psychotherapy at the Berne Institute. I am very enthusiastic about TA. TA has enabled me to bring all my qualifications and life experience together in the therapy I offer.

I am passionate about my work. I enjoy working with my clients and helping them bring about the changes they desire in their lives. I gain great satisfaction from seeing my clients transform their lives, discovering and improving their relationship with their true selves.


Safe Hands Clinic offers psychotherapy and counselling services. The clinic is run by experienced practitioner, Linda Clerkin; Linda has a professional, sympathetic and caring approach to her therapies.

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